News from the department

2017.05.19 | Staff

IFSK Killers win first Copa BSS

The unrivalled Jugo Politico once again came out on top when Fodboldfabrikken provided the facilities for the first Copa BSS, organised by t

2014.11.19 | News from the management

AMBA accreditation for School of Business and Social Sciences

School of Business and Social Sciences has been granted the AMBA accreditation from the internationally recognised accreditation association

2014.10.29 | Staff

Exchange agreement with Fudan Law School

The AU delegation have returned from China with a lot of great pictures and experiences. But most importantly, they have secured a cooperati

News from AARHUS BSS

Photo: Morten Rømer Holm, Aarhus BSS Communication

2017.08.08 | Education, Aarhus BSS

2607 new students at Aarhus BSS

The application and admission figures for Aarhus BSS vary a great deal across the school’s departments and deg

Photo: AU Foto

2017.06.20 | Aarhus BSS

Summer greeting from the dean

Dear staff Summer is here, and soon we can look forward to a well-deserved holiday outside of the school wa

Almost a third of the respondents already know the name Aarhus BSS.

2017.06.20 | Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS’ image under scrutiny

For the first time since changing its name in 2015, Aarhus BSS has conducted an extensive awareness and image

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News from AU

15/08 - 2017 |

Now it’s time to update your Mac computer

Since May, IT support and AU IT have been busy updating employees’ Windows...

28/06 - 2017 |

Aarhus University surprised by ministry’s plan to subject public sector...

The research consultancy services performed by Aarhus University for...

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