Co-ordination council

The coordination council at the Department of Law consists of the current course and teaching co-ordinators.

  • The council has meetings with the head of department/management approximately once a month.
  • Course coordinators act as connecting link to the members of the academic groups and must ensure two-way communication.
  • On behalf of the academic groups, the course coordinators bring forward topics to be discussed by the council.
  • The council contributes to creating closeness and continuous communication in the relationship between faculty and staff and the management team.

Current council members:


Academic area/group

Torsten Iversen (chair) Head of Department
Louise Halleskov Public Law
Malene Kerzel Director of Studies BA/Master of Laws
Carsten Willemoes Jørgensen

Director of Studies BSc/MSc (Business Administration & Commercial Law)

Susanne Kier Law studies part-time
Jens Evald General courses
Natalie Videbæk Munkholm Labour Law
René F. Henschel Law of Property and Obligations (overall responsibility on the business law programmes)
Susanne Karstoft Law of Property and Obligations
BA of Laws 1st year
Kasper Steensgaard

Law of Property and Obligations BA of Laws 3rd year

Pernille Wegener Jessen EU Law/International Law
Henrik Stensgaard Tax Law
Nicolaj Sivan Holst (Lasse Lund Madsen) Criminal Law and Criminology
Anders Nørgaard Laursen Cand.merc.aud. programme
Kirsten Jakobsen Head of Secretariat